A faraway star spits fire and her rays touch our earth, bouncing around on the ground, vegetation, creatures, objects. And here we are, equipped with these curious little receptors that get tickled by the bouncing rays, and with a brain that transforms the ticklings into images of what the rays come bouncing from, the world in which we live. We explore our even nearest surroundings via a a faraway star. We have developed substitute receptors that allow us to catch and keep images, and with those devices we travel into the wide world.

My first name, a variation of the most common name in the world, comes from an ancient Hebrew name meaning "God is Light", itself derived from much older religions worshipping the Sun, the Moon and the Stars - the Divine Light without which there would be no life on earth. For several decades I was unaware of the meaning and implications of my name. I was a school teacher, a secretary, a university teacher, a scientific researcher and a translator of literature until I "saw the light" and got caught by photography, inspired by Antillean people I was doing research with. I made a photodocumentary about the lives of Antillean migrants in Holland and their Caribbean backgrounds. In 1998 the book SPERANSA (with 83 pictures) was published, and two parallel exhibitions of 56 images each traveled simultaneously through Holland and the Dutch Antilles. Antillean people have remained a major inspiration ever since. I have remained a photographer ever since, working in various fields of the trade - magazines, commercial companies, weddings and funerals. Since 1996 I have been a member of the Dutch Professional Photographers Association GKf, that recently merged with other professional organisations into Dupho (Dutch Photographers).

This site mainly contains my more recent work, made with digital cameras. STATIA SONG, about the Dutch-Caribbean island of Sint-Eustatius, is the only series containing images that have been made on film: the color images. The B&W images of Statia have recently been shot digitally.
Since March 1998 I have been keeping a photo diary, at first on a picture-a-day basis, but gradually more loosely. The series EVERYWHERE I GO you go with me is a selection from the 2007/8 photo diary, while MOMENT/UM is a selection from several years, of images taken when traveling.
The series KANAAL ALMELO - NORDHORN was made in the autumn of 2009, exploring a small 19th century canal in one of the most idyllic parts of Holland, that has a bittersweet meaning in my life.

To watch a slideshow of a certain series, you click on the first thumbnail of that series, and then in the new screen you click on the large picture. A totally black screen opens up showing one single picture. You now can walk through the slideshow using your arrow keys or clicking on the small dots in the far right of your screen. To exit the slideshow press "Escape".