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In June 1996 fate carried me to Statia, a tiny Caribbean island. It was love at first sight. Two years later I came back with 300 rolls of film and the plan to make a book about the island in three months of time. But the Fates had different plans. Falling in love with Statia totally turned over my Dutch life and since 1998 I've been back in Statia for six weeks to six months nearly every year.

The people of Statia welcomed me into their lives and their homes, they became my family, they taught me to sing and play music. They made me a member of the traditional string band and of a group of women singing hymns in the homes of mourning families during the wakes before a funeral. Statia became my life.

In 1996 this island of 21km2 (8sq/miles) just reached the number of 2,000 inhabitants, mainly old Statian families of African descent - a tiny, tightly woven community where everybody is related to everybody in some way. "We all one family."

This "one family" have become a numerical minority in their own island in only two decades in which the population doubled, nearly entirely through immigration. Waves of globalization are washing over Statia, traditional life is falling apart. Yet, hidden behind the façades of modern times, the old ways still continue and people are trying hard to keep up their traditions and rituals, to redefine their identity.

Now, in 2016, after sharing their lives for twenty years, I present you my tribute to the big family of Statia, my song for them: STATIA SONG. Surrounded by 18 pictures of enchanting island nature, their lives are portrayed in 69 intimate images, in black&white and in colour, with texts in English and in Dutch.

A video impression of the preproduction dummy: https://vimeo.com/171147881

Book size: 24x32cm, 172 pages
Image size: 48x32cm
Design and editing: -SYB- (Sybren Kuiper)
Colour grading and production: Colour&Books (Sebastiaan Hanekroot)
Publisher: Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer
Price: €39.50
The book can be ordered by sending an email to: indeknipscheer@planet.nl