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A 83 images photo documentary about the lives of Antillean migrants in Holland and about the situations in the Caribbean
where they came from. This book was published in 1998, with texts in Dutch, English and Papiamento. 96 Pages. Some copies
are still available. You can contact me about them.


I have produced several Blurb books. You can find them at my Blurb pages and have a look inside. All pages of every book
are available for viewing. And yes, of course, the books are for sale. Click on the "full screen" button for better view, and on
the "info" button to be directed to the information pages.

Photo Diary 2009-2010, 150 pages of black&white photos

Photo Diary 2007-2009, 160 pages of photos http:/​/​nl.​blurb.​com/​bookstore/detail/​1390755

Photo Diary 2004-2007, 160 pages of photos http:/​/​nl.​blurb.​com/​bookstore/detail/​1057722

Everywhere I go http:/​/​nl.​blurb.​com/​bookstore/detail/​1390967

Kanaal Almelo-Nordhorn http:/​/​nl.​blurb.​com/​bookstore/detail/​1476715

De Trouwjurk / The Wedding Dress, a 40 images photo documentary that I made as a wedding present for my niece,
a young fashion designer who made her own wedding dress http:/​/​nl.​blurb.​com/​bookstore/detail/1627119

Vino Mosto, a portrait of four friends pressing grapes in Quéntar, a little village in the Spanish mountains east of Granada